Birmingham Day Nurseries:
great childcare, caring staff, happy children

A safe, happy child surrounded by good friends and caring adults: it’s what you want from a day nursery.

You know what matters most when it comes to choosing childcare for your child.

A safe, secure environment. Staff who are experienced, professional, and dedicated to giving the very best care. Learning experiences every day which help your child develop their social skills, independence and creativity. And a place where you also feel welcomed, with easy access to information and a close relationship with everyone caring for your child.

We want all those things too. Trust us to provide the high-quality childcare you and your child deserve.

“That feeling when your child happily skips into nursery in the morning… priceless.” – Megan

Birmingham Day Nurseries are managed and run by a team of experienced professionals at the University of Birmingham. But don’t worry if your family doesn’t have a connection to the university: we’re open to everyone.